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About The Head Bloomer

The head bloomer

…For You

We aim to provide you with beautiful bespoke designs, with a touch of elegance and class. At an affordable price, we ensure that you receive the high-quality head-pieces you are looking for. All of our head-pieces are usually one off. We can create custom head-pieces that are either based on existing designs or as varied as our imagination allows.   With our unique creations, you can not go wrong with an accessory that’s sure to add that extra touch to your outfit.

The head bloomer

Tender loving care

Each hat is handmade within days. We make our pieces with the most delicate care and attention to detail, to create unique eye catching pieces each time. With tender loving care, we ensure that we sculpt something beautiful and unique for you. With a hundred percent dedication, we create beautiful headpieces every day.

The head bloomer

Special Day

We also offer a bridal service, creating special headpieces for your big day! Enchanting crowns of elegance can be created for that ‘something new’. Whether your look is to be classic, vintage, or delicately floral, ‘The Head Bloomer’ can create something for you.

How to wear a headpiece with millinery elastic

Some of my headpieces are secured with millinery elastic, often referred to as hat elastic. Here is a short video which demonstrates how to wear your headpiece, if it has millinery elastic.  The elastic makes the bigger headpieces and certain styles more secure on the head.